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Smart technology has creeped into every facet of our daily lives. We are accustomed to having information and entertainment at the push of a button on our hand-held devices. Homes are no different.  

More and more homebuyers expect a certain amount of smart home technology in their next home purchase, it is the new norm rather than the exception.

It’s easy

Upgrading an older home to incorporate smart technology can be done quickly and on a budget. Simple devices such as video enabled door bells, smart light bulbs, and smart speakers can all be installed in a matter of minutes for less than $100 each. These simple upgrades can be found on-line or at your favorite retailer.

Increased efficiency = savings

Regardless if motivated by a desire to help the environment or save money, homeowners are always looking to reduce their utility bills. Smart thermostats, for instance, have swept the market as they make it possible to control/monitor the temperature of a home from anywhere. Smart sprinklers, light sockets and electrical outlets give similar control, eliminating unnecessary consumption. 

Added security

Smart technology provides peace of mind in allowing us to monitor our home 24/7. Smart locks, security cameras, water sensors, and smoke detectors can be easily installed by the novice DIYer. Safety and security top the list of must haves for homebuyers. So, including up to date security features should also be at the top of your pre-sell preparation list.

Stand out in a competitive market

Most new home builders include smart security systems in their builds, doing so yourself in an older home will make your listing more competitive.  Be sure to include smart home upgrades in your home’s profile, it will set your home apart from the competition. It is one thing to have an elegantly written property description, it’s another to offer a home with state-of-the-art amenities.

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