Invest in your future

Maybe you’re not ready to buy your dream home. Maybe you’re buying because you plan on renting it out, or starting an AirBnB, or even flipping it to make a greater profit. We get that.

Real estate isn’t only for the traditional buyer looking for a bigger home for an expanding family. Sometimes it’s for the hard working, independent professionals who want to make money while they sleep.

Whatever your needs, we can work together every step of the way. From the beginning we uncover and dial in on your real estate needs and desired lifestyle.
We offer you…

  • A licensed life coach to help you dial in on your real estate goals
  • An Agent who translates those goals into creative real estate solutions
  • A step by step process that keeps you in the know
  • The latest real estate trends and market analysis

How it works


Get clear and focused on your real estate goals through our complimentary Discovery Session.


We will create a custom plan to find properties that align with your real estate goals.


Based on your goals, we’ll build a negotiation strategy to provide you with the best price and terms for the property you want.


Provide oversight and leadership as we prepare and execute the closing to ensure your interests are protected.

Why a professional life coach is your perfect realtor

As a certified life coach, we are trained and experienced in asking questions at the right time, so you can uncover what you want and break through what may be getting in your way. This, paired with expertise in real estate buying and selling, allows us to partner together in a proactive way as realtor and client. You get what you want when opportunities arise in the market, because we are ready to take quick and precise action.

Narrow in on what you want
Life coaches provide questions to better understand your needs therefore better understand what you want. Sometimes just having an ear to run ideas by gets you to a clearer vision of what you hope to accomplish.
Get the information you need
Real estate agents provide information you need to make a confident decision while a life coach can help you process this information. Take tangible steps to set and achieve your goals by having a guide to help you understand the process.
Prepare for your future
Having a real estate agent and life coach in one will guarantee a smooth transition between personal goals and financial investments so you can achieve the future you’ve dreamed of.

Life Coach + Real Estate Agent = Real Estate Coach

A certified life coach and real estate expert will help you think through your short and long-term real estate goals without having to commit to selling or buying a home anytime soon.

Certified Life Coach

Helps you attain personal life goals

Sets short & long term goals
Builds action plan
Encourages personal growth

Real Estate Agent

Assists you the buying your home or property

Manage legal work
Negotiate the offer
Market analysis

Real Estate Coach

Helps you achieve your life goals through real estate

Focus your real estate goals
Personalize your real estate plan
Guide you towards preferred lifestyle
A new kind of realtor you need on your team


Achieve the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of with Elizabeth Childs

Achieve your dreams through real estate

To most people engaging in real estate can be an enormous point of stress. Life coaches are specially trained to help work with clients at these pivotal times in their life. Keep yourself accountable and focused on your path in order to create the life you desire.

In-depth process
Provides you with personalized information and new vocabulary to better understand how to let go of your fears and break into the real estate business.
Ready to discover your true real estate potential? Learn to get out of your own way and achieve all your financial goals.

Schedule your free home buying coaching session today! You have nothing to lose.

Define your personal and professional goals to uncover how you can leverage real estate to reach them