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Selling a product or service is the pinnacle goal of a business. This goal is achieved through marketing tactics, including social media marketing. However, a business will often embark on social media marketing in a way that lacks empathy. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and then share the feelings of another. This trait is essential for becoming one with your target customer. It shows that you are there for them and understand their needs. 

Why Empathy is Important in Business

Empathy is something that is often left out of the marketing process and this should never be the case. In order to properly identify with the target customer, you have to understand their individual feelings and thoughts. You want to speak to your target audience as if you’ve been friends for years. There needs to be good listening skills involved and then delivery of actions based on what the customer is looking for in a product or service. 

How to Show Empathy as a Business

Before you start putting business empathy into motion in your daily dealings, you have to understand what your customers are seeking out. Take into consideration what you’re offering as a business and what your customers are looking for when they contact you to purchase your products or services. Here are some ways to employ empathy in business:

  • Listen to the hopes and concerns of the customer
  • Understand what your customers are seeking out
  • Educate your audience on important topics related to your business
  • Focus on emotions when rolling out your marketing campaigns

By embracing empathy and pursuing this emotional goal, you can connect with your audience and increase sales while giving your customers what they truly want.

How to Integrate Empathy into Social Media

Now that you know the importance of empathy in business, it’s time to put that empathy into motion when posting on social media. There are a few distinct ways to integrate empathy into social media and boost your social media marketing skills with this emotional aspect in mind:

  • Make your posts emotion-filled: Use nostalgia, fear, and relationships as an overtone of your social media posts. Speak to the client in an emotional way.
  • Inspire good: When posting on behalf of your business via social media channels, try to inspire good whenever possible. This really triggers the emotions of the reader and builds a connection between you and your target audience. 
  • Don’t talk badly about competitors: You want to show empathy and speaking badly about your competitors in the industry will result in you taking a few steps back from your intended goal.
  • Have a goal in mind: As you create each social media post, know what your overall goal is. Employ empathy and take steps towards reaching your goal through carefully planned posts.
  • Don’t have a blatant call to action: You don’t want to pressure your targeted audience, especially when focusing on being more empathetic. Let your words do the persuading in a subtle way.

Empathy is an essential component in the business world and something that should be put to good use whenever possible. The better you know your customer, the more successful your business will be.  

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