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LinkedIn is an excellent marketing tool that all businesses should take advantage of continually. From posting helpful articles on your area of industry to creating and showing videos to your page visitors, there are many ways to get your brand message across and boost your sales. 

Videos are particularly successful in creating a buzz and making your company unforgettable. Studies show that 80% of videos on LinkedIn are watched with the sound off  and 57% view LinkedIn on their mobile device, so you want to tailor the videos to this large viewing crowd.  

The following details the types of videos your business should be posting on LinkedIn whenever possible:

Industry Highlights

If a visitor to your LinkedIn page is a current customer or simply interested in your industry, they’re going to want to know more about your area of business. By creating videos on industry highlights, you are informing the LinkedIn visitor of industry-related details in a memorable way. Plus, using social media of any type is a great way to build your presence online. Wondering what brands have done this in the past? Buzzfeed and The Dodo are two brands that used social media  to gather a large following and make a memorable name for themselves.  

Trending News

Trending news is an excellent topic to post about on LinkedIn because it’s constantly changing. You can hold the attention of your page visitors by continually posting trending industry news stories and informing the reader of your company’s area of business and how this news is relevant to the reader. 

Turn Your Written Content Into Videos

If you have some popular published articles that you want to highlight again for your audience, do so by putting the content into video form. You already know that the subject matter has done well in written form. So, why not take this information and gain some more interest from new followers via a LinkedIn video. You can cover all of the topics included in the article or just tease at a few of the main points and then direct them to the written content. 

Company Intros

Whether your company is new to the industry or has been around for a while but is continually hiring new employees, it’s a good idea to post company intros on your LinkedIn page. This is an especially good idea for B2B brand awareness purposes. You can focus on one special employee each week and tell their story or center each weekly video on a specific department within your company. This enables the LinkedIn page visitor to establish a personal connection with your company and learn about who works behind the scenes in each department. 

Event Promos and Event Coverage

If you want to keep the public informed about upcoming events hosted by your business, a LinkedIn video is a great way to do so. You want to effectively advertise your upcoming events and a video is an excellent interactive way to get the message across in an interesting manner. When the event occurs, you’re going to want to have your video cameras rolling to document the event and post it on LinkedIn as well.

New Launch Promos

Your company will likely be launching new products and services from time to time. Using a LinkedIn video to make an introduction is the perfect way to get the news out on your new product or service. LinkedIn has an extraordinary reach and you will be able to advertise your new item to the public with ease. 

Has your company been putting these LinkedIn video tactics to work for your business? If not, now is the perfect time to start doing so. Do you have other ways that you reach out to your LinkedIn visitors? If so, share these items in the comment section below and show off your LinkedIn skills. And, be sure to share this article on your page to let your customers know you are providing them with the best information on LinkedIn!

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